Chipotle Farm Team – Chapter 1

Chipotle Farm Team – Chapter 1
Hi All, Adventurrito is over, but I thought I’d keep posting the answers to the farm team as I get them.

For chapter one, on my computer, there was a game to play, you have to turn all the files to the pig icon. Click through to change starting from the top right. Took a few tries but got it.

There are also 2 pieces of information to share on facebook or twitter (be sure to change to private [next to the share link button] if you want to share but not with all your friends).

Finally, the question I received was asking how much sunlight factory raised pigs receive daily – the answer is 0. I got it wrong the first time, so i’m waiting to see how I continue on.

If you get other questions and have their answers, feel free to comment with them. I’ll let you all know how you continue after missing a question as soon as I know!

Also, I found that there is a map in the lower left side of the screen. Click the middle of it, then later the end of it, to continue on to other challenges!

In the last part of the map of chapter 1, I was asked if Chipotle is owned by McDonalds – the answer is false.

That is the end of chapter 1, we have to wait for chapter 2 in 21 days!

  • kirby

    how do I win at the flipping the pigs over?

  • kirby

    Also know as field sweep. How do I win it?